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Seagull是个纯OOP(面向对象程序设计)框架,可用于创建web,command line(命令行)和GUI的应用程序.它采用了BSD授权,让PHP开发者可以更容易地整合并管理代码源,更快速地建立复杂的应用程序。目前Seagull设计中已集成了许多比较受欢迎的PHP应用程序,例如:各式各样的模板引擎,测试工具,管理代码库工具等.如果您是个初学者,您可以将Seagull提供的许多样本应用程序自定义或扩展成适合您所需的.如果您是中高级开发者,您可以充分利用seagull中的best practices(最优方案),标准和模块的代码核心在有规定的时间内建立您的应用程序.



Seagull is a mature OOP framework for building web, command line and GUI applications. Licensed under BSD, the project allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources, and build complex applications quickly. //开源代码OSPHP.COM.Cn

Many popular PHP applications are already seamlessly integrated within the project, as are various templating engines, testing tools and managed library code. If you're a beginner, the framework provides a number of sample applications that can be customised and extended to suit your needs. If you're an intermediate or advanced developer, take advantage of Seagull's best practices , standards and modular codebase to build your applications in record time.

Once your development cycle is complete, use Seagull's features for deploying and maintaining your apps locally and remotely. Check out the friendly and active Seagull community and see if Seagull's a good fit for you.

Check out the screenshots page to see Seagull in action. Or compare the features list with your current framework/CMS. Seagull offers the following key features:
PHP 4/5 compatible
compact core framework with basic CMS and other modules included to get you started
ease of use: learning curve not as steep as other frameworks

enterprise ready, performance conscious design
tight integration with PEAR libraries, great for prototyping complex projects
integrated ORM for RAD
highly configurable, easy to integrate with 3rd party code
community support: the project enjoys participation from a large and active developer community, want the documentation in Chinese, looking for Seagull devs near you?

loosely coupled components, use template engine of your choice, output to multiple devices or CLI
staying power: started in 2001, the Seagull project has been steadily growing in popularity and now enjoys international recognition

The Seagull core is licensed under BSD and is free to use in Open Source and closed commercial projects. You must however maintain the original copyright notice as described in the license. The BSD license gives the enduser much greater freedom to use the software than any of the GPL family and its derivatives.
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