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FastFrame: An application framework written in PHP that allows for rapid development of secure and robust applications. By developing an application in FastFrame you immediately gain the benefit of the following features:

Tested and dependable design patterns implemented, including: Model View Controller (MVC), singleton, and factory.
A large number of tested and proven PEAR classes are used.
An advanced and easy to use error handler. Errors can be captured and sent to a console window, email, log, or straight
to the browser.
Themeable. Several themes come packaged with FastFrame. All aspects of a site’s design can be changed by the theme. The html is HTML 4.0 and the look completely controlled via CSS (including a hier-archical menu system and help tooltips). Thus, all applications look great in new browsers and maintain functionality in older v. 4 browsers.
Feature-rich list page that allows for searching, pagination, print preview.
Secure authentication. There are several back-end authentication modules including the profile application, imap, and s


ql, several of which can be used at the same time.
Fast and advanced template system that allows for a completely custom look. Developers don’t need to write HTML because
layout and business logic is completely separate.
A registry object that manages all configuration settings.
Support for multiple languages.
Support for several types of menu systems including a hierarchical javascript menu system and a simpler HTML-based menu.
Support for tooltips for links and quick help.
The ability to rapidly develop forms (including multi-page forms) using QuickForm
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