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What is PHP2Go?

PHP2Go is an application framework created to help experienced developers and beginners to build web applications. Written in PHP and PHP4/5 compatible, it's a code repository composed by classes and components that provide the necessary tools to create and maintain applications, replacing and encapsulating common and repetitive tasks.


The main goals of this project are: code reuse, flexibility, scalability, object orientation and separation between business and presentation code. Each part of the framework provides the underpinnings that bring to the web development more organization, standarization and reuse. So, developers can focus on what really matters: business logic, functionality and usability.

From a simple weblog to a large enterprise portal, PHP2Go can be used in all sizes of applications, assuring clean code, robustness, extensibility and flexibility. It doesn't force you to follow lots of strict and complex rules. It offers alternatives on how to do things, but usually there will be more than one way to do them and frequently you're able to customize the way you'll do them. We know how freedom is important to a web developer :-)

PHP2Go is totally free to use, once it's published under the LGPL license. Therefore, it will bring you all the benefits of the open source community and it will help you to create any sort of applications - even closed commercial ones. //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN

Why use it?
It's totally compliant with the best web development practices and patterns and it's aligned with the newest and hottest trends on how to build Internet applications
It's built as an hierarchical and organized class library. 99% of the PHP code inside the framework is object oriented
Since the beginning in 2002, the project has been constantly growing. At each release, more fixes, features and enhancements have been added and the popularity has increased a lot in the last year
As of version 1.0.0, this project aims to satisfy 100% of the most common requirements of a web development framework. That signifies that there's much to come in the next months...
Many common needs of a web developer are included in the framework
Easy to install and configure. It doesn't force any directory structure and can be shared by many applications
It's published under a flexible license
The framework code adheres to well known coding standards and naming conventions

It's fully compatible with PHP4 (since version 4.1) and PHP5
It doesn't require any special configuration to run on your web server or provider
Main Features
Authencation and authorization, including a user container class
Database integration via ADODb
SQL and DML building tools
Forms API, using XML descriptors and including a lot of built-in components
HTML reports, including a basic filter widget
Client and remote (JSRS, AJAX) event listeners for forms
Automatic client/server validation for forms
Template engine
Template widgets
Data sets and paged data sets
Data validators
Fully featured and cross-browser Javascript Framework, including AJAX
Request/Response helpers
Session management
Feeds parsing/rendering
XML parsing/rendering
Caching module
I/O handling (files, directories, archiving, compression)
Network connectivity components (MIME Mail, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, Sockets)
Centralized configuration manager //OsPHP.COM.CN
Class loader and autoload interceptor for PHP5
Internationalization support
Error handling
What are the future milestones?
Front Controller and Page Controller patterns
Smart URL router
ORM through DAO and Active Record patterns, including relationships and inheritance handling
More template widgets and more form components
Web Services support
Logging package
Input filter package
Learn More

Please read the documentation and visit the examples and demo applications to learn more about PHP2Go. Reading and analysing the comments and code pieces, you'll find out what are the main framework components and how they can be used to execute common tasks and create routines, pages and flows for your applications.

If you have any doubt, suggestion, bug report or a good idea to optimize, enhance or extend the framework's features, you can visit the project's Trac server or the project's forum. You can also send us a direct message clicking here. There's a lot of work to do, so your help as user or developer is very important. //OSPHP.com.CN

Hope you enjoy developing with PHP2Go!  
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