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Why Pligg?
In a world with so many Content Management Systems fighting for control it can seem nearly impossible to pick out a perfect CMS to suit your needs. That's why Pligg exists, because we know that no CMS is going to offer a perfect out-of-the-box experience for every user. The net would be a boring place if every site looked and acted the same, so be different! Pligg's dynamic structure allows users to quickly and effortlessly install and customize their sites. Pligg acts as a framework for many sucessful sites who have taken the code offered by Pligg and added their own touch to it. If you're looking to create a unique site quickly and with as little effort as possible, consider using Pligg.


Where to find Support...
The Pligg Forum is your best resource for finding a solution to any problems related to Pligg. The forum is monitored nearly 24/7 by Pligg developers willing to share their expertise and solve your problems in record time. The forum is also a great source for inspiration. You will find many links to other Pligg sites and features in development, many features and templates are being shared among Pliggers.

The Pligg Wiki is another source for Pligg documentation. The wiki is currently lacking in documentation, but it will slowly build to a fully-featured wiki over time.

Last but not least is the Pligg IRC room. The IRC room can be accessed either through programs such as mIRC or through your web browser using the Pligg IRC Javachat applet. It's almost guaranteed that at least one helpful Pligg developer will be in the chatroom and able to help you out 24 hours a day. Seriously, we don't have anything better to do.

What you need to know...


Pligg requires that your server has installed a recent version of PHP and MySQL. You must be able to access a MySQL database for storing data, if you don't know how or if your web host offers MySQL access please contact your host for details.

Please also reffer to the Pligg FAQ for more important information and frequently answered questions.
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  • 中查看更多“pligg 国外开源BLOG”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“pligg 国外开源BLOG”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“pligg 国外开源BLOG”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“pligg 国外开源BLOG”相关内容

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