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TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序 不指定

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TomatoCart是一个开源电子商务应用程序,源自osCommerce但拥有更好的用户体验。它提 供一个全新的前台和后台界面,后台采用ExtJS开发。该程序支持销售任意类的商品从简单的产品到数字货物和服务。TomatoCart还提供一些市场营 销功能如:礼券,按购买数量打折,交叉销售,愿望清单等。TomatoCart支持生成SEO友好的URL,自动生成sitemap,提供网站访问统计, 内置webmail客户端可以在后台收发email。

TomatoCart supports sales of both physicals and virtual goods. These products are well arranged in terms of quantity, images, description, attribute and variant.

Products highlights include:

Simple Products
Virtual Products
Downloadable Products
Gift Certificate
Support unlimited products
Support unlimited product images
Wysiwyg html editor for product descriptions
Separate price and stock management based on attribute combination
Product Variant
Product Attribute
Product Comparison
Optional product category image
TomatoCart separates product categories from products. Categories is an independent module parallel with Products under Catalog. And it is integrated into product editing as one of the tabs. //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN

Product Categories highlights include:

Unlimited product categories
Category tree
Support category move
Checkout shouldn’t be a big hassle for online shoppers. It is quick, easy and considerate on TomatoCart here. And it will do to both customers and guests.

Checkout highlights include:

Option to create account at the beginning of checkout
Checkout with account to use address book
Checkout without accounts
One-Page Checkout
Shopping Cart with tax and shipping estimates
TomatoCart traces customers registered at online stores, offering an address book and store credits. There are customer groups which have some promotion utility too. And we serve a lot more than that, including quite a few administration tools and customer-generated content.

Customers highlights include:

Support unlimited customer groups
Support order discount for each customer group
Subscribe to products to receive related emails or newsletters //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN
Add to Wishlist and send it to a friend via email
Tell a Friend
Newsletter Manager
Customer Emails
Popular Search Terms
Who’s Online (Find guests also)
Abandoned Cart
When an order is made, it does not end up an order. People who are cautious and prudent usually ask for invoices. And they will check the orders in their personal accounts. It is also very likely that shoppers pick up something, “checkout”, and stop. All these and many additional cases have been taken into TomatoCart’s consideration.

Orders highlights include:

Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
View order history and order status
Credit Slip or Store Credit for merchandise return
Detailed reports on order total of per customer and per order
Abandoned Cart Management
TomatoCart covers nearly all promotion tools that are popular and effective to online sales. We take advantage of various product modules, New Products, Related Products, to name a few. We join in the pricing marketing. And we use virtual methods too.


Promotions highlights include:

Store Credits
Cross Sell Products
Customers Who Purchased This Product Also Purchased
Best Sellers
Feature Products
Product discounts based on quantity or customer groups
Design and Templates
TomatoCart does a rather tricky job of templates and modules. Templates can be switched. So can modules within manually organized. Store owners will see how they lay out the template modules, as easy as they can wish.

Design and Templates highlights include:

Easily upload and install front end templates
Allow layout changes to be adaptive, easy, and quickly to be made
Content module -- Slide Show based on noobSlide slide show component
Content module -- Image Menu based on Phatfusion Image Menu component
Box module -- Products Scroller based on noobSlide slide show component
Languages, Currencies and Tax
TomatoCart supports multilanguage. And the language family is daily growing larger and stronger. Thanks to the community! Currencies and tax application are flexible too. //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN

The highlights include:

Online Translator
Language Manager
Multiple Currencies
Flexible tax implementation on a state-and-country basis
Set different tax rates for different products
Charge tax on shipping on a per-shipping-service basis
Store Front
Up till now the team has put a lot of time into the administration panel. Our efforts are fully positively confirmed by the community and others who are caring about TomatoCart. And our next points come partly to store front perfection. We try to make the store front an interesting part too. We have been looking after front-end functions and proceeding in a planned way.

Store Front highlights at present include:

Auto Search suggested Terms
Popular Search Terms
Banner Manager
RSS Feed
Other highlights include:

Installation Configuration Wizard
SSL connection support for the admin panel
Database backup and restore //开源代码OSPhP.COm.CN
File Manager
SMTP mail server authentication support
Google Sitemap
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  • 中查看更多“TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序”相关内容
  • 中查看更多“TomatoCart开源电子商务应用程序”相关内容
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